Toward (praise as repentance)

Toward: praise as repentance

Early March at the park
the birds are riotous–
See! We made it through February!
they alight from the trees in one
celebratory and synchronized swoop.

If only my spirit were so
If only I could just be
and with no anxieties–
and with only the lengthening days
and the greening grass
and the trees on the cusp of leafing.

shuddering breath of my lungs,
faltering steps of my feet,
eyes lifted up toward their songs,
toward the dim light;
praying desperately for mercy.

All the while somehow knowing
this struggle, too, is a gift.
This waiting, too,
is not a death:
but rather a hurtling toward
new life,
being carried along by the
great sheltering wings.
And choosing to believe what I see
with the eyes of the heart:
even now
He makes all things new.



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  1. Blair Henneke Martin March 27, 2018 — 4:14 pm

    Oh thank you Angela! This came and spoke so directly to my heart words I longed to know, to feel and to step into I just this moment. Thank you for taking the time to write and share your incredible gift. Love you!

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