compline 1 (night prayers)

Compline 1 (night prayers)

in the small hours there is the milk drunk weight of your baby:

body and soul knit together by God, leaning softly into you,

breathing a sigh into the space of your collar bone.

you place him back in his bed

in this darkest hour of the night

the blackbird sings out a spring song from the blossoming redbud outside the window.

you never heard this nightsong before.

you must have been sleeping.

you think of the psalm for which this boy is named

the LORD who watches over you neither slumbers nor sleeps.

when the dark obscures, some things are more clear.

it is then you hear the song He has given.



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  1. Compline is delightful… Thanks for the poem. May the Lord Almighty grant us a quiet night…

  2. “You must have been sleeping.” What a softly convicting admonishment for me, in many ways. Thank you.

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